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Kidman London

Following the title loss, Kidman proceeded to spend the next few years as a cornerstone of the cruiserweight division before forming a tag team with newcomer Paul London in early Together, they slowly worked their way up the tag team ranks before ultimately winning the Tag Team Championship from the Dudley Boyz on the July 8, episode Trained by: Afa Anoaʻi. London then began a tag team with Billy Kidman on Janu. On the July 8 episode of SmackDown!, the duo won the WWE Tag Team Championship from the Dudley Boyz.

They defended the title against the Dudleys and the Basham Brothers on several occasions before losing the championship to René Duprée and Kenzo Suzuki on September 9, due to Kidman leaving London. Tag Team Champions the Dudley Boyz to win the titles at when Kidman pinned Bubba Ray with the Shooting Star Press after London hit Bubba Ray with a superkick Tulsa, OK September 7, Smackdown!: Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki defeated WWE Smackdown!

Tag Team Champions Paul London & Billy Kidman at to win the titles when Suzuki. · Billy Kidman & Paul London Segment SmackDown Tyler Desjardins. Billy Kidman & Paul London VS Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki WWE Vengeance - Jamie Noble v.s Billy Kidman - WWE Cruserweight Championship.

Juan Cena. WWF Invasion No Mercy Mod Matches Billy Kidman vs Chavo Guerrero. NoMercyGamer Rey Mysterio. · Billy Kidman & Paul London vs. Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli - Velocity (Febru). The following is a set of images featuring Billy Kidman& Paul London. Aug taping of SmackDown!, when Kidman's shooting star press unintentionally caused Chavo Guerrero to suffer a concussion.

The next week, Kidman w. · In earlyKidman began teaming with Paul London, slowly working their way up the tag team ranks. They went on to win the WWE Tag Team Championship from The Dudley Boyz on July 8, Proving the win was not an upset, they went on to win a rematch for the titles.

Paul Sanchez-Garcia London (Ap), most commonly referred to as Paul London is an American professional wrestler best known for his work in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) where he competed on both the SmackDown! and RAW brands. Together with Brian Kendrick they would win both the World Tag Team Championship and WWE Tag Team Championship.

Their reign as WWE Tag. · Kidman and London won the WWE Tag Team Championship together, but their breakup was the most memorable aspect of their duo. London have a better tag team run with his best friend, Brian Kendrick. 8 Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree.

· Conversely, London’s first tag team partnership didn’t go as smoothly. Billy Kidman, one of WCW’s popular athletes, amazed audiences with his acrobatics years before London. In addition, both men had long black hair, charismatic in-ring styles, and neither going in any particular direction.

In earlyKidman began teaming with Paul London, slowly working their way up the tag team ranks. They went on to win the WWE Tag Team Championship from The Dudley Boyz on July 8, Proving the win was not an upset, they went on to win a rematch for the titles. On July 8,Billy teamed up with Paul London and won the Tag Team championship form the Dudley Boys in the episode of SmackDown!.

Billy turned his back on London and the rematch of the championship came to an abrupt end. On Aug, Billy’s shooting star press inadvertently caused Chavo Guerrero to undergo a concussion.

· Billy Kidman and Paul London formed an exciting but short-lived tag-team during the Ruthless Aggression Era.

Seemingly paired up because they had the same finisher, London and Kidman went on to win. · World Tag Team Champions, Paul London and Billy Kidman, defeated The Dudley Boyz; Booker T., won an 8-Man Battle Royal to win the vacant United States Title. Order of Elimination: Billy Gunn eliminated Charlie Haas. Luther Reigns eliminated Renee. · This Is The Last WWE Billy Kidman Titantron In WWE Billy Kidman Was: 4 Time Cruiserweight Champion 1 Time WWE Tag Team Champion With (Paul London) Finishers: BK Bomb Kidman Krusher And My Favorite.

· Winner: World's Greatest Tag Team. No. 2 Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty and Rikishi) vs. No. 3 Billy Kidman and Paul London. Known for their dance moves, Too Cool actually proved to be a formidable tag. World Wrestling Entertainment. In the Mid ofPaul London signed the contract with World Wrestling Entertainment, beginning with a few dark matches then sent to developmental territory.

He then made an official debut match on the SmackDown losing to Brock Lesnar for WWE Championship. Paul got teamed up with Billy Kidman and won the WWE Tag Team Championship from the Dudley. · Paul London and Billy Kidman defeated The Dudley Boyz to win the WWE Tag Team Titles WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Leyfield, and El Gran Luchadore fought to a No Contest Chavo Guerrero, Jamie Noble, and Akio defeated Rey Misterio, Spike Dudley, and Scotty 2 Hotty.

The two superstars managed to end the aforementioned title reign of Paul London and Billy Kidman, defeating them on the Sept.

7, episode of SmackDown. The duo held the title for three months before dropping them to Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio. At age 20, Duprée became the youngest WWE Tag Team Champion ever. Paul London. Edit. Classic editor History Talk (0) Share London then began a tag team with Billy Kidman on Janu.[25] At a house show in South Africa on September 5, London and Kendrick defeated Cade and Murdoch to win the World Tag Team Title, only to lose it back in a rematch three days later.[71][72] At the end ofhe.

The WWE Raw Tag Team Championship is a professional wrestling world tag team championship contested in WWE on the Raw brand. Introduced as the WWE Tag Team Championship, it was WWE's third world tag team title, and sixth tag team title overall.

After WWE bought the promotions of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW), and unified the WCW Tag. Billy Kidman as seen in April (Billy Kidman / Instagram) Billy Kidman Facts.

He was a banker before he started training to become a professional wrestler. Kidman and fellow professional wrestler Chris Kanyon became good friends after the two met at the Samoan training center situated in. Paul London: def. (CO) Billy Kidman: WWE Velocity Taping Sep 14th Paul London: def. (pin) Akio: WWE Smackdown! Taping Sep 7th Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree: def. (pin) Billy Kidman (c) & Paul London (c) WWE Tag Team Championship (title change) WWE Smackdown! Taping Aug 31st Johnny Stamboli & Nunzio: def.

(pin) Billy Kidman & Paul. ·: Billy Kidman & Paul London defeated The Basham Brothers to retain the WWE Tag Team titles.

Aug – SummerSlam: Bubba & DVon & Spike Dudley defeated Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman & Paul London. Aug – SmackDown!: Chavo Guerrero & Jamie Noble defeated Billy Kidman & Paul London in a NON title match! · Billy Kidman was already a record breaking Cruiserweight Champion, holding that belt seven times, when he teamed with a fresh faced rookie named Paul London. In July ofthey beat The Dudley Boyz for the titles and went on a 63 day run with the belts before losing them when Kidman turned heel on his partner, as he stopped before doing a.

· Billy Kidman made a name for himself in both World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment in both the tag team division and the cruiserweight division. As stated before, he is a former WWE Tag Team Champion with Paul London.

Matches: Paul London defeated Billy Kidman (); Kidman goes for a Superplex, but London pushes him off, and gets a splash for the Paul London pushed DVon off the top rope and then hit a WASSUP Heatbutt drop on Bubba! Billy Kidman hit the Shooting Star Press on Bubba and pinned him to win the WWE Tag Team titles! BACKSTAGE: Paul London & Billy Kidman + The Dudley Boyz. Paul London & Billy Kidman celebrate their victory with Mysterio, Holly, Gunn, Torrie, Funaki and others. · - Eddie Guerrero beat Luther Reigns - Cruiserweight Title: Champ Spike Dudley beat Nunzio - Billy Kidman beat Paul London - WWE Tag Team Title: Champs Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree beat Rey Mysterio Jr.

& Rob Van Dam - The Big Show beat Kurt Angle - U.S. Title match 5 of best-of-5 series: John Cena beat champion Booker T to win the series and. London signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in mid–, working a few dark matches. London made his official WWE television debut on the SmackDown! brand, losing to Brock Lesnar in a match for the WWE Championship on October 9. After the match, Lesnar continued to attack London until fellow cruiserweight Spanky (Brian Kendrick) made the save.

The two competed as a tag team on. · - The Kid & Marty Jannetty defeated The Quebecers (Jacques & Pierre) (w/ Johnny Polo) to win the WWF Tag Team Championship - Ludvig Borga defeated Brad Anderson - The Undertaker (w/ Paul. Clips from the Kidman/London feud is then aired. Match 3) Billy Kidman vs. Paul London. In all likelihood the best match of this PPV hands down. Kidman wins a great match. 8/ Billy berates the audience and does a third frog splash. NICE! Continueing remembrance of Undertaker's reign we see a slip from his bout with Phyco Sid at Wrestlemania We're looking for new staff members with passion for Wrestling and WWE games, and willingness to contribute in any of the website areas.

If you're interested, feel free to Contact Us! Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki win the WWE Tag Team Titles from Paul London and Billy Kidman on SmackDown, Spetember 9, Tajiri & Akio & Sakoda defeated Ultimo Dragon & Paul London & Billy Kidman: TAG TEAM TITLE HANDICAP MATCH Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty defeated The Basham Brothers (Doug & Danny Basham) & Shaniqua to retain the WWF Tag Team titles: Rikishi gave Shaniqua a Samoan Drop followed by a Bonzai Drop for the victory to retain the Tag Team championships.

PAUL London, BILLY KIDMAN & REY MYSTERIO IN A 6 MAN TAG TEAM MATCH Great action & a fine opener as well. Both these teams put on a great 6-man wrestling match. Dudley Boys & Spike Dudley get the win after the Dufley Boys nail a 3-D on Billy Kidman for the victory. 5/10 SECOND MATCH-. Billy Kidman & Paul London d. The Dudley Boyz to win the Smackdown Tag Team titles when Kidman pinned Bubba Ray "Mexican champion" El Gran Luchadore d. Smackdown champion John Bradshaw Layfield by count-out in a non-title match after a 2nd Luchadore (Eddy Guerrero) replaced the first one Jamie Noble, Chavo Guerrero Jr.

& Akio d. Billy Kidman and Paul London: Winnipeg, MB: 09/07/ René Duprée and Kenzo Suzuki: Tulsa, OK: 12/07/ Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio Greenville, SC: 01/11/ Doug and Danny Basham (2) Tampa, FL: Won a four-way over Van Dam and Mysterio, Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns & Booker T and Eddie Guerrero to win the titles.

Octo – Halloween Havoc: Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire defeated Rey Mysterio Jr. and Billy Kidman & Boogie Knights in a 3-way tag team match to retain the tag team titles. Octo – WCW Monday NITRO: Mark Jindrak and Sean O’Haire defeated Mysterio and Billy Kidman to.

Billy Jack Haynes & Ken Patera: WWF: Billy Joe Travis & Jeff Jarrett: Billy Joe Travis & Jeff Jarrett: Independent: Billy Kidman & Paul London: Billy Kidman & Paul London: WWE: Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio: Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio: WWE: Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio Jr. Billy Kidman. Jamie Noble confronts Billy Kidman about hurting his partner last week.

Jamie Noble says it's all your fault, and Billy Kidman seems emotionally distraught by the comments. NON (TAG) TITLE MATCH: Billy Kidman & Paul London vs The FBI (Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli). They're pushing the Shooting Star Press as a dangerous and lethal finishing move. © 2014-2021