Mega Tree Christmas

Mega Tree Christmas

12 x 50 "CCR' Sequences Christmas Sequence Downloads Halloween Sequence Downloads: Pixel Counts Total Pixels per Tree Total RGB LEDs per Tree 1, Vertical Sections / Strings 12 Pixel Nodes per Section / String 50 Pixels Pixel-To-Pixel Spacing 4 Inches (3 RGB LEDs per Pixel) Tree Dimensions: Width - Top of Tree5/5(9).

Build your own "CCR" (Cosmic Color Ribbon) 16 Strip Pixel MegaTree for $ LESS than the "LOR" version - and you get a modern controller with display and future expansion capitiblities/5(16). Mega Christmas Tree using AlphaLite 16 controller. SHOW 1 - Modified purchased Musical Sequence. SHOW 2 - Custom Mega Tree Musical Sequence. SHOW 3 - Modified purchased Musical Sequence. How to Build 12 Channel CCR Mega Tree. RGB Screen & Ribbon Tree Screen Ribbon Tree: Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/ Trans Siberian-Orchestra: $ RGB Screen & Ribbon Tree Screen Ribbon Tree: Christmas is Going to the Dogs: Eels: $ RGB Screen & Ribbon Tree Screen Ribbon Tree: Christmas Time is Here: Vince Guaraldi Trio: $  · Anyone can sequence ccr trees.

It just takes time & patience, & a few tricks that you don't share with folks. (but I may someday). If my buddy Mega Arch ever gets into ccr / pixel trees then I may have him help me, & then I can teach him some stuff. Like Mega arch would be a good time to start. Edited December 6, by lightzilla. launch SuperStar.

Click on the File menu and select "Open" and open your 12 CCR sequence. Click on the File menu and select "Import Visualization" and import the attached visualization. Click on the File menu and select "Save As" and save the sequence to something like "Christmastime_16x25". Mega Tree Effects Packs At xTreme Sequences we can guide you through the process of creating a stunning xLights show for Halloween and Christmas.

We have helped many families navigate the complexities of pixel shows with great success. I decided to go from LOR to xlights and Ron was very helpful. My first year using xlights and pixels. Pixel Tree Assembly Manual. The pixel tree kit includes the pixel and Light-O-Rama smart pixel controller.

Use our ShowTime Sequencing Suite to make your tree dance to the music and dazzle the neighbors. Look at what a Pixel Tree can do for your venue. We’ll do the hard work or you can and save a littler money. The pixel tree comes either. I zip tied each CCR to a pair of ropes as you can see in the pictures. I also ran aluminum wire horizontally across the ribbons in five places in order to keep the ribbons facing forward. The star has 6 concentric stars in it.

Each of the 6 stars is controlled by 1 channel from a standard 16 channel Light-O-Rama Missing: mega tree. · I am in the process of building my first mega tree. I am building a 18ft tree now my question is I see online they have 16 and 24 hook heads now if I would get a 16 hook head which I think thats what I want to get do you guys double up on each hook head with.

The ColorMotions Tree is a mega tree that has RGB pixel strings attached to polyester banding material, which is tensioned between a topper and bottom ring.

The tensioned banding provides support for the strings, keeps them straight and aligned, and rolls up for a small storage footprint. The tree can be.

Christmas RGB RGB: Queen of the Winter Night: Trans-Siberian Orchestra: $ / $ Christmas RGB RGB: Rockin Around the Christmas Tree: Brenda Lee: $ / $ Christmas RGB RGB: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: Gene Autry: $ / $ Christmas RGB RGB.

My tree has a radius of 4 feet (from the center to the edge), so that makes 8 feet (the diameter). Multiply that by 12 so you have the number of inches. My tree is 96 inches wide (8 times 12 = 96).

Multiply that number by which give you the distance around the tree. My tree has a circumference of approximately inches. · At Seasonal Sequences we sell Holiday Sequences24 CCR/E trees along 24 X 50 Matrix and with singing face sequences. We hope you enjoy the site. All the sequences are compatible with Light O Rama software S4 and S5, and can be imported into XLights software. · Aussie Light-O-Rama discussion.

CCR Mega Tree. Thread starter artzy; Start date Jan 9, ; A. artzy artzy-Noble Christmas. Joined Oct 8, Messages 57 Location Noble park, Vic. Jan 9, Thread starter #1 Saw this on another site and thought it may give some thoughts for planning for this year. G-Town Christmas-Oh. This sequence has the following built in ( channel): 16 channel mega tree or Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (Instrumental) Light O Rama Sequence File. This sequence has Availability: In Stock. $ Add to "White Christmas Light O Rama Sequence by Go Fish","handle".

We create holiday sequences for Halloween and Christmas displays used on Light O Rama 12 or 16 CCR's or Pixel Trees and matrix. The sequences are designed in Light O Rama SuperStar software, and can also be converted to XLights Synchronized.

1- Star Mount bushing to mount a star to the top of the Mega Tree. Our Mega Tree Kit contains everything needed to install a 20 foot tall Mega Tree in your Christmas display except for the following items that will have to be purchased: Two (2) 10 foot lengths of 1 1/2" rigid threaded electrical conduit pipe for the center pole that can be.

If you do not use Light-O-Rama to run your show then you will need to use the PixCon16 controller based kits. CCR Tree in action: These sequences were produced using the SuperStar software add-on which is integrated into the LOR ShowTime Software Suite. These sequences and other sequences are available for sale by the author of the SuperStar.

Imagine a Christmas Tree created with smart pixel lights. Light-O-Rama provides the hardware and software to make the magic that dazzles the crowds. Our off-the-shelf controllers combined with award winning sequencing tools give you the power to synchronize lights and special effects. Lor Sequences Mega Tree; Just so you know lor sequences mega tree if you buy sequences for your tree buy powerball results 23 january in DMX format because your calling it a ccr tree but only light o rama sells ccr's think I will need at least two smart rgb controllers one comes with mega tree!

Adding xLights elements to existing LOR sequences! Plug-n-Show: Complete Pixel Tree Kit Everything required to easily assemble an outdoor pixel tree to plug into your LOR network.

Plug-n-Show. Pixel Controllers If you purchase just the pixels or ribbons you will need a pixel controller to drive them. (A controller is already included in any of the package deals) Plug-n-Show: 50W RGB and UV floodsMissing: christmas. Rockin Around the Christmas Tree-Brenda Lee. $ A Holly Jolly Christmas by Burl Ives. $ Little Saint Nick-Beach Boys.

Let It Snow-The Last Christmas Medley You'll Ever Need To Hear-Riders In The Sky. $ On sale $ Check back often for new additions to the Light-O-Rama sequencing store! Light-O-Rama. Control the Show. Mega Trees; Mega Tree Parts; Misc Parts. Hook heads; RGB Hook Head; Tree Stands; Anchor Systems; LED Stars- Tree Toppers; View All Mega Tree Product; Jingle Bell Techno by Master Tone Dance Party Christmas Mix Light-O-Rama Sequences for people with limited time or people that just want almost Plug-N-Play.

This. · If you have any electronics experience stay far away from the LOR CCR and CCP they are extremely overpriced! I built a mega Pixel tree this year for around dollars. It is 8 ft tall and has pixels ( degrees 24 legs and 30 bullet pixels per leg). I used nutcracker to sequence it which is FREE! If you would like more information let me know. Light-O-Rama Object Creator (LOROC) CCR Spiral Tree Construction Guide Christmas Show - Mega Tree View (Left Side) Christmas Show - CCR (LED) Double Spiral Close-Up (No Music) Christmas Show - Mega Tree View (Left Side) Part 1 of 2.

I changed over to RGB pixels 2 years ago, from regular led Christmas lights. I have used more than a few of Ron's Xtreme sequences. Always a huge crowd pleaser. Top quality Claudio Joya I ran LOR last year and decided I wanted to dive into the xLights pixel world this year.

I stumbled across Ron Howard with Xtreme Sequeneces website. Christmas Mega Tree: Everyone needs a mega tree for their Christmas light display. Plastic tubing 20' 1/2 to 3/4 is fine yard stakes Assorted screws Optional Light O Rama with 9 free channels or other means to power the lights Tools Shovel Drill Level Saw.

If you have any electronics experience stay far away from the LOR CCR and CCP they are extremely overpriced! I built a mega Pixel tree this year for around dollars. It is 8 ft tall and has pixels ( degrees 24 legs and 30 bullet pixels per leg). I used nutcracker to sequence it which is FREE! If you would like more information let me. Christmas Carolina is a one-stop shop that has all kinds of decorating ideas, tips and tricks to make your home the one to remember.

We’re a community of experts with a deep-rooted passion for celebrating Christmas! · This is a sequence I made for the song let it go and I absolutely love the final product as displayed in my primitive animation, but it always hesitates when outputted to my lights mostly in 2 places. This is when I have a bunch of activity on my 12 string dmx matrix and 12 sting dmx half mega tree.

Get the best deals on Light O Rama when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items The Original LIght O Rama Mega Tree Head 16 Hooks w/1/2" Pipe Thread. $ $ shipping. Light O Rama Christmas Sequence 48 Channel Pick 5 lightorama light o rama. $ FAST 'N FREE. Light O Rama, CCP 8 Channel Mega Tree (Our tree is 26' high with a 36" star on top and this is our half circle setup)- 5 basic tree channels (we use 5 strings on each channel.

3 sets of green and 2 of blue, though you can use whatever color you want or however many strings that your setup will support), 2 color channels (we use one channel with 8 strings of red and one with 8 strings of white), and the star on top. Mega Chrismas Tree: SALE Pre-season going on NOW. RGB LED Lights, Christmas Led Lights, Holloween Lights, RBG Light Arches, Light-o-rama™, Animated Yard Art, Animated Carousel Horses, 27 Channel Controller, Lightorama, Xlights, New RGB DMX idea, DIY, RGB Trumpet Blaster, RGB Silhouette, 8 point RGB DMX Star.

LandOlights - The website for the Christmas light display in Land O Lakes, FLMissing: mega tree. · The Weber spiral tree was discussed on PC. I sorted through the nonsense and came up with the video. It seems that the mega tree has supports up on the tree where the standard megatree strand is connected to each support then twisted into place making the strand spiral to the ground and not come straight down.

The most engineered part of the tree would need to be the “topper”, the metal top piece that all of the pixel strips would attach to. I spent some time with Walter on the phone, as I wanted to re-engineer his original design to develop as small of a topper as possible, so the tree would have more of a taper resembling my mega tree.

Pixel Pro Displays provides Professional Christmas & Halloween Sequences, Mega Tree Effects, and Effect Presets for xLights. Professional Layouts, timing, building, training, membership, and videos on RGB lighting, Pixels, E, Art-net, OSC, and DMX interface.

Sequences, Animated Lighting and Synchronized Lighting. Get the best deals on Light O Rama when you shop the largest online selection at Free shipping on many items Light-O-Rama 16 CCR Sequence to "Christmas With A Capital C", by Go Fish. $ FAST 'N FREE. Light-O-Rama 16 CCR/Pixel Tree to:Jonas Brothers - Like It's Christmas. $ FAST 'N FREE. A Mega-Tree is a "Tree of Light" (see links below in hardware for link to Planet Christmas for details on how to create a Mega-Tree).

One disappointment I had with my display was the use of rope-lights. At the end of the Christmas season, I went to the. From though the Leechburg Lights sequences were a hybrid of Light O Rama and xLights. The native xLights files used the old LOR sequence still. Keep your eyes pealed as we begin converting the most recent Leechburg Lights sequences into an updated layout on the Pixel Pro Dispaly liu-1.rug: mega tree.

· Computer Controlled Christmas Lights in Brewster, OH Sequences Available Because I found it so helpful last year to be able to download other people’s sequences, either just to see how they did something, or to modify and use their sequence outright, I decided to. · Folks, I'm TOTALLY new to the LOR stuff. I have a yard full of Mr. Christmas wireframes. I'd like to add a CCR tree this year. Eventually, I'll add LOR controllers to create more of a show than just the tree, but for now, I just want to build a CCR tree.

LOR has the 16 ribbon, SuperStar tree kit with Pixie 16 controller that I'm looking at. It seems like the place to sta. You must have your own Light-o-rama system and display.

These are elctronic files only that will be emailed to you. $ will buy you all 34 sequences. I also sell Mega Tree hook heads $ **contact number**) Here is a list of my sequences: A holly jolly Christmas.

For Christmas I have 8 channel mega tree, 1 channel for strobes, 7 mini christmas trees, 3 med trees (blue, green, white) 1 white icicles, 1 blue icicles, 3 channel roof line lights for chasing effect, 3 channel white pillar, 3 channel blue pillar, 1 channel railing lights, and 1 channel for spot lights.

Put the LOR boxes in the center of the tree base. It is going to be rather tight, but it will work. Put the extension cords to the LOR boxes underneath the tree base. Hook up lights to tree topper and use re-useable zip ties to keep lights steady. This is the longest part of the whole thing. · So if your using your CCR's as a Markee sign or the ever popular CCR 12 string mega tree then it's well worth it I'm sure. However if your using your CCR's in non standard configs like a custom star, roof outlines, windows, or even arches (I do know they support arches) there isn't a ton of advantage from what I can tell.

Pixel Pro Displays provides Professional Christmas & Halloween Sequences, Mega Tree Effects, and Effect Presets for xLights software. Professional Layouts, timing, building, training, membership, and videos on RGB lighting, Pixels, E, Art-net, OSC, and DMX interface.

Sequences, Animated Lighting, Synchronized Light. xLights Sequences for Christmas and Halloween Displays. Some xLights sequences available are for larger layouts that have multiple Megatree’s, large Matrices and a yard full of numerous props and these sequences may not suit your layout, well RGB Sequences have created a range of xLights sequences for easy importing specifically for smaller to medium sized layouts.

ALL SEQUENCES ARE CHANNELS - SEQUENCED WITH LIGHT-O-RAMA S3. All Sequences are saved in LOR Version Carol of the Bells - David Foster. Christmastime is Here - Vince Guaraldi Trio. Christmas with a Capital C - Go Fish Guys. Dancing Queen - Mama Mia. Good King Joy / Voiceover - Trans Siberian Orchestra / Various Artists. Joy to. Channel [White] in Fixture [Mega Tree bundle 01] and Channel [Red] in Fixture [Mega Tree bundle 04] are both assigned to 0A This usually happens when a wrong channel is entered by mistake.

Please use the Visualizer program to check the two fixtures mentioned to see if. The mega tree was 5 static rope lights sucking W. The roof XMAS 04 got changed to XMAS Ran out of time for this year which is a recurring theme every year. Christmas The display moved from 1 side of the driveway to both. An extra 25m x 30m to play with.

Mega tree (signpost) moved closer to the corner. Christmas This Mega Tree 16 Hook Head Topper is made in Oshkosh, WI in our shop. It is made of 1/4″ rod, industrial grade oil based paint. Made with 1 1/4″ pipe coupling.

It can be reduced down with your reducer. to any size pipe you like. There are two way to ship the Mega Hook. USPS which includes one Mega Hook and shipping.

4 Light-O-Rama Reprinted from PlanetChristmas Magazine | November Use standard 18 gauge lamp cord (SPT-1 or SPT-2) to power each sec-tion of pipe and run all the male plugs to the same end of the pipe. There’s a temptation to tape the lamp cord to each section to the outside of the pipe because it’s easier. I found out. You Make it Feel Like Christmas * Winter Wonderland * The Git Up * All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey * Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't be Late) I Wish it was Christmas Every Day * Amazing Grace.

Frosty the Snowman. God Bless the USA * Decorations. For the display we replaced our 10 year old incandescent 3-color Mega-Tree with a new 12 string pixel based tree. This introduced several new challenges for programming (Like challenges (channels)), The LOR forum is full of some pretty sharp, clever and innovative people who came up with a solution to use non-LOR RGB pixels and strips while leveraging the power of the LOR SuperStar.

· Vixen has been around longer, it was an early free alternative to Light-o-Rama product line. Early versions were for AC lights only, and the onset of pixels bought about major design changes. Xlights, originally called Nutcracker, was written as a plugin to.

Mega Tree Pole Star Mount Bell 1" pole. $ Add To Cart. Turn Buckle. $ Add To Cart. Pulley. $ Add To Cart. Quick Link. $ Add To Cart. Guy Wire Anchor. $ Add To Cart. 3/8 bow shackles 3 pack. $ Add To Cart. New Products. 32 Modular Tree Topper Hook Head. Google apps. Main menu. Living Light Shows specializes in commercial RGB LED pixel light products, services and technology that couple the latest hardware and software to create computer controlled Christmas light shows and dynamic displays that are fabricated and sequenced to mesmerize and captivate audiences of all ages.

A typical tree will be degrees since all pixels will be pointing away from the center of the tree and most trees because of their size are located at the back of a display, it doesn't make sense to have lights on the back of the tree.

A RGB Pixel MegaTree is just a large rectangle matrix of pixels, instead just wrapped in a cone. Mr. Christmas Outdoor Lights and Sounds of Christmas holiday decoration, One Size, Multi out of 5 stars 2 and landscape 12/24v lighting controlled through a DMX system and wanted to add controllable holiday lights to a 20' tree.

Was looking into LED options which were all either too expensive, not hackable or involved too much Reviews: John and I decided to resurrect the mega tree for the Copeland Christmas display!

We'll add 12 strands of mini lights to this flagpole. The base diameter should be ft. We'll add a star topper and then hook all the lights into a Light-O-Rama controller so the lights can be controlled by our home computer via cat5e cables.

How to make singing tree faces for holiday light show What it takes to add singing tree faces to a light show Last year I tried out my first holiday light display using a Light-O-Rama controller. 5-tree line with 3 channels each (red, green, clear) 9-MINI tree line with 3 channels each (red, green, clear) 9-tree line with 4 channels each (red, green, clear, blue) 6 arches with 5 channels each 6 firesticks with 5 channels each 3 channel Peak star 6 Channel mega wreath (red, green, clear, blue, multi-color, and cool led white).

About xLights. xLights is a free and open source program that enables you to design, create and play amazing lighting displays through the use of DMX controllers, E Ethernet controllers and more. xLights sequences that are specifically for mega trees.

Along with our pre built sequences, we also offer custom pricing please send an email to [email protected] and include: Channel count Song selection(s) We will also need your LOR sequence animation drawn out to better assist you and your display.

Mega Tree and Topper. Matrix Singing Props (lyric tracks included for every song) Icicles. Small Trees. Candy Canes. Arches. Spinners Available Now: "The Best of Disney Princesses" (Various) "The Best of Disney Villains" "The Best of Harry Potter".

Christmas Tree Farm - Taylor Swift (EZ Import) Regular price $99 Sale price $59 Sale View. Enter Sandman - Metallica (EZ Import) Regular price $ Sale price $59 Sale View. Feliz Navidad - José Feliciano (EZ Import) Regular price $99 Sale price $ There are a few additions and changes being made to the Over The Top Christmas Lights show. I again used the Light-O-Rama (LOR) system which uses a combination of computer programs, controllers, and other items to make the lights "dance" to the beat.

4' trees in the front, a 20' mega tree with a 4' star on top, 2 - 8' firesticks, 4. my Light-o-rama sequences. 64 channel sequences for use with Light-O-Rama software Created with LORSequenceEditor v Advanced license. These sequences were programmed by me for my layout, you may use or edit them for your use.

Thanks to all who shared their work with me. houselee: File Size. Mega Tree & "The Riley" Mega Tree. Our Mega Tree in was derived from many versions of Mega Trees used around the world. It consisted of 24 Channels of LOR (Light-O-Rama) and 3 Colors. It is considered an Up and Over Tree. In - Our Mega Tree is of a brand new design and we're calling it The Riley Tree as Riley Hospital is who we are. Jul 5, - Synchronizing lights and music.

See more ideas about Lights, Christmas, Christmas lights pins. Seller: halloweencostumesandmore (2,) %, Location: Valley Center, California, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: LIGHTORAMA SEQUENCE to CHRISTMAS (Baby please come home) for 16 CCR / PIXEL TREE.

Christmas Sequence to Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) for 16 CCR's or Smart Pixel Strips THIS LISTING IS FOR A LIGHT-O-RAMA (SUPERSTAR) SEQUENCE TO:Christmas. Light O Rama 48 Channel Christmas sequence Package with MEGA TREE Light O Rama: $; Bebe 16 Count Christmas Tree Rexha Light-O-Rama CCR/Pixel On. Light O Rama Sequence -Christmas Can Can by Straight No Chaser Light O Rama: $.

for the Christmas Light Show we have many new additions. Some of the additions include: A CCR (Cosmic Color Ribbon) Tree. The CCR Tree has Smart (Programmable) LED lights and Dumb LED’s in the star at the top.

Smart LED lights are trimming the roof line. Mega Tree If you just have a mega tree, these xLights sequences are just what you are looking for. Each sequence is a complete xLights sequence of the song, but featuring just the mega-tree sequencing, and not all the other "stuff".

Mega Tree. This is the business end of the top of our megatree. The outer ring is a 4 inch diameter pipe, welded to a steel base plate. The 4 inch ring is drilled for 32 threaded U bolts, each of which attaches 2. Mega Trees. A "mega tree" is typically made of strips of lights that are connected in a cone shape.

There are many ways to build a mega tree, from the 'traditional way' with shop-bought LED strings to the pixel way with either pixel strips or pixel nodes (strings). The australian wiki has a good page about it. The Sequence Armory is not allowed to provide, or distribute, any audio files to you, especially ones that are copyrighted - so don't ask. You have access to the streaming video which has the audio embedded in it, so you can preview the sequence with the audio, however, you will.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 12 or 16 CCR Light O Rama Sequence to All You need is Elves Christmas at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Vintage Aluminum Christmas Tree Light Lamp Color Wheel Revolving Motor 12" Works.

C $ + shipping. 30 Tinselites Christmas Tinsel Lights. Approx. 30 seconds was removed from the middle of the matches it up to my CCR Tree sequence (although I now have a full length CCR tree version)LIGHT-O-RAMA CHRISTMAS SEQUENCE LIGHT SHOW FOR 64 ChannelsThis sequence is for a 64 channel lightorama sequence (4 controllers)Your are purchasing the sequence only.

I have 16 X 50 strings for my mega tree. How do I get the xlights to do a zig zag on the preview window? If you have 16 strings, and string 1 starts from the bottom, 2 from the top, 3 from the bottom etc, in that case, make your tree model so that the strings are 2x the actual length and then configure the strings to have 2 strands per string. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for NEW LIGHT O RAMA 40 SEQUENCES LIGHTORAMA CHRISTMAS & HALLOWEEN LIGHT SHOW at the best online prices at eBay!

Free shipping for many products! 16 CCR Light O Rama Sequences. C $ Free shipping. FOR CHRISTMAS I HAVE A 16 CHANNEL MEGA TREE AND FAN, A 15 CHANNEL. I’ve been doing automated Christmas displays for several years, and I’ve used many vendors. CFOL ranks among the top. I highly recommend them to anyone just getting started in the hobby or a veteran looking for new new vendors stateside. The download file includes both PVC and EMT versions.

If you just have a mega tree, these xLights sequences are just what you are looking for. SUP (SuperStar) formatted sequences: Create the first track by clicking.

31 trees along 24 X 50 Matrix and with singing face sequences. light o rama controller setup, importing lms sequences xlights. Xlights Sequences Free Download. © 2014-2021