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Tim Burton's wacky imagination came to life in this creepy and charismatic film. Live Through a Christmas Movie and We'll Guess Your Favorite Christmas Movie. 5 Minute Quiz 5 Min. PERSONALITY. Which "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" Character Are You? 5 Minute Quiz 5 Min. PERSONALITY. Plan a Christmas Movie Marathon and We'll Guess When You. Let's find out if you really like Tim Burton's films. Do you know much about The Nightmare Before Christmas? - out of 5 - 39 votes - The best Nightmare Before Christmas quiz - out of 5 - 7 votes - - 20 Questions.

· The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Nightmare Before Christmas. You belong in Nightmare Before Christmas. You're strange and a little unsettling, but you would shine in the Tim Burton classic. Edward Scissorhands. QUIZ: Which Tim Burton film do you actually belong in?Author: Popbuzz. Trivia Quiz - Tim Burton's 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Category: Nightmare Before Christmas Quiz # 33, 10 questions, rated Easy. By MikeSinkovich. Since I love this movie, I decided to pop in the tape and make a quiz.

Have fun! Available Formats. Movie Quizzes» Movies L-P Trivia. · Quizzes; Can you identify the Tim Burton movie from a single screenshot? From ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ to ‘Beetlejuice,’ can you identify Tim Burton Author: Paige Owens.

Tim Burton is the king of off-kilter Hollywood hits. How much do you know about this darkly-twisted director? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the filmmaker. · Test how well you know Tim Burton movies.

Tim Burton movie quiz. Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. Test your knowledge with this Tim Burton trivia quiz! Oh, and Johnny Depp might probably, most likely be in it. If you ace this quiz, well then you will earn rights to call yourself a true Tim Burton fanatic! BUT, if you happen to fail this quiz, then Tim Burton will probably be somewhere shaking his head in disappointment at your lack of. A Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz Enjoy this Christmas movie trivia quiz and you'll start thinking about Christmas movies in a whole new way.

Christmas movies often contain an uplifting or traditional story related to the season. But movies set in Christmas - but not as seasonal films - don't often get included on the Top 10 Christmas movie list. Tim Burton has been making wonderful, whimsical films for years.

Always a little dark and kinda quirky, he has a style that’s unmistakeable. His creative vision has tackled classic stories and also created some crazy new ones. Which Tim Burton character are you? Take our quiz to find out! · This quiz is for the people who annoy their friends by singing along to every song while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. But don’t be ashamed. One of the reasons why the Tim Burton film.

Tim Burton movie quiz. Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. Quiz: Only A True Tim Burton Fan Can Identify All 15 Of These Movies. Tim Burton movie quiz. Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. Alex. share to facebook. liu-1.ru | Quiz Facts. Ready to challenge yourself? Well, you’re in luck! Don’t.

More Tim Burton Quizzes. Chapter 12 Burton Chapter 12 Burton. A Nightmare Before Christmas. C. Sweeney Todd. D. Alice in Wonderland. Which of Burton's films - still considered to be one of his most personal works - was the first to be based on a story and characters that he himself created? A. · "I always liked strange characters." — Tim Burton. Obsessed with travel? Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the. My first quiz!:3 So, have you ever wondered what character from one of Tim Burton’s masterpieces you were?

Know you can find out! Sorry that I didn’t put some characters, but I haven’t watched all of Tim Burton’s movies yet:/ None of the art/pictures is mine!! I added new results 🏻*disclaimer* C. · Think you know Tim Burton Disney movies so well that you could basically act them out as if you yourself were Tim Burton? Then you have come to the right quiz! Prove that you're a top-level Tim Burton.

Match the Tim Burton Disney movie to the appropriate quote, to see if you truly know your Alice from your Oogie Boogie. 2. Who wrote "The Nightmare Before Christmas"? Alfred Hitchcock Martin Scorsese Steven Speilberg Tim Burton. 3. The rabbit in the magic hat in "Frosty the Snowman" is named: Scut Farkus Little Grinch Hocus Pocus Rabbit Claus. 4. What is the guardian angel of George Bailey named in "It's a Wonderful Life"?

Mike Clarence Robert Jim. 5. · There are few who deny, that when it comes to Halloween-time, The Nightmare Before Christmas is the best. And for that matter, Christmas-time, too! When it comes to movie trivia based on this stop-motion animated classic, do you excel without ever even trying? You’ll definitely need some ghost-like charms to triumph over this extra-hard quiz.

· Burton has shaped so many childhoods with The Nightmare Before Christmas and entranced us with thrillers like 9. His style is so distinctive and unique it is impossible to replicate. In an age during which so much seems copied, that is a skill no one else can match.

· A Trivia Quiz On Tim Burton Movies! 8 Questions | By Sesh | Last updated: | Total Attempts: Questions Settings. Feedback. During the Quiz End of Quiz A nightmare before Christmas 2: A haunted new years. B. Frankenweenie. C. Cromwell Cronicles.

D. The Cheese stands alone. 7. Tim Burton recently released which movie? A. Play this game to review undefined.

A mad scientist dies before he can finish his greatest creation — a man who is left with long blades for hands. After being discovered by a townswoman, the strange-looking man is immersed into civilization.

· Tags: Director Quiz, Disney Quiz, Movie Characters Quiz, Movie Resume Quiz, Movie Titles Quiz, Batman, Big Fish, coraline, Disney Films, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim Burton, Willy Wonka Top Quizzes Today. Tim Burton Movie Quiz. Streak: 0 // (0%) 0 of 0. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Edward Scissorhands. Mastered this quiz? Other YARN quizzes 40+ YARN Quizzes. Denzel Washington Quiz.

Transformers Quiz. Superman Quiz. About Support / FAQ Legal. · Have You Seen At Least 19/25 Of These Tim Burton Films? They're all a bit spooky. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Via Buena Vista Pictures You can join and make your own posts and quizzes.

A Movies > Animated Quiz: Here are some questions about Tim Burton's hit movie.» The Nightmare Before Christmas. A Movies > Animated Quiz: Here are some questions about Tim Burton's hit movie.» The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Riddles & Puzzles Trivia Mentalrobics Puzzle Games Community. · DIRECTORS: The Tim Burton film quiz. Satan approves so he. 1. DIFFICULTY LEVEL: ★ 'Remains of the Day' is a song from which musical directed by Burton? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Corpse Bride. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of. · It’s appropriate that Tim Burton’s latest film, Big Eyes, is centered on paintings of young children with giant eyes.(Read David Edelstein’s review here.) The guy loves eyeballs.

You can see. Until ’93, naturally, people did not think to mix Halloween and Christmas, let alone put it into a movie. However, if anyone could make it work, Tim Burton would be (and was) the person for the job. He made a daring timeless film and crafted a new and enjoyable tradition that successfully joined two holiday seasons.

Nonetheless, even with all the critical praise, it has received, many may. trivia quiz are shown at the end of the quiz by clicking "view answers". Take this quiz now to find out the answers to these questions. What is Tim Burton's full name? When was Tim Burton born?

True or False: Tim Burton was born on Friday the 13th. Which movie labeled Burton as a 'profitable director'. · Caroline Thompson, the screenwriter behind some of Tim Burton’s most popular films, has revealed that she begged the director to change the Oogie Boogie character in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Can you pick the films directed by Tim Burton in just 45 seconds? Test your knowledge on this movies quiz and compare your score to others. Quiz by Yankees play quizzes ad-free How well do you know these great Christmas movies?? ; Harry Potter Movie Titles Minefield Tim Burton is an American animator, filmmaker, and artist. He is the mastermind behind several well-known and loved films including Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Sleepy Hollow, Sweeney Todd, and Frankenweenie, just to name a few.

· The Nightmare Before Christmas B. Edward Scissorshands C. Beetlejuice D. Frankenweenie. How many Tim Burton films has Johnny Depp acted or voice acted in?

A. 9 B. 10 C. 13 D. All of them, duh! In addition to being a Tim Burton film, _____ was also the highest-grossing movie of A. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure B. Edward Scissorhands C. Tim Burton Movie Quiz. Think you know Tim Burton, THE GREATEST FILMMAKER OF ALL TIME? Find out by taking this quiz. Once you are finished, your results will determine how much of a fan you really are. Depending on how well you do will determine what Tim thinks of you.

Are you the Ultimate Tim Burton fan? Prove it by taking this quiz. Ichabod crane! Don't exactly know who that is,but I love Tim Burton!the mad hatter is exactly like me,crazy, ready to "slay" at any time, funny,wierd,carries a pocket knife, remember at the end of the movie!

Dances like a retarded deer with an injured leg! · Ranking all of Burton's films from goth to boss. UFC Music Sport Offbeat Quizzes Write For Us Careers More called 'Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. We all THINK we know Tim Burton, genius of the film world. Now you get to guess again, chump. Take this quiz! Tim Burton directed Batman, starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Tim Burton directed Batman Returns, starring Michael Keaton, Michelle Pheiffer, and Danny DeVito Tim Burton directed Batman Forever, starring Val Kilmer, Jim Carrey, and Tommy Lee Jones Tim Burton.

Tim Burton is a living legend. He's made a career at exploring vulnerable and misunderstood characters, and has blessed with so!

many! iconic! movies! Since we ALL grew up watching Tim Burton films, it's probably time to find out which Tim Burton film you belong in, really. Answer these questions Take this quiz! What is Sally?? True or false:Tim Burton directed TNBC? What is on Zero's nose?? What is Behemoth's only line?? What comes out of the wine bottle Sally send Jack? What are the 3 kid's names?? What book does Jack read to understand Christmas?

What is Oogie Boogie's last line spoken?? What is. · Which Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Character Are You? Octo Novem Boys and girls of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange? - Explore starwarspaige's board "Tim Burton: Nightmare before Christmas", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Nightmare before christmas 64 pins. Here's how to do the Tim Burton character challenge on TikTok.

From Edward Scissorhands to The Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim Burton's signature aesthetic has long been a popular staple in pop liu-1.ru sunken cheeks, the huge round eyes A Halloween classic every time.

Give some examples of how Tim Burton's films are reflexive (self-referential). Frankenweenie - Victor animates things similar to how Tim Burton does with his characters Edward Scissorhands - Edward's lack of understanding of suburbia is a direct reflection of Tim Burton. · Recap: CHOC Walk Drive In Movie Night Hosts “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas” by Mike Celestino | Dec 3, AM Pacific Time. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Enter an extraordinary world filled with magic and wonder, where every holiday has its own special land.

This is the heartfelt tale of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town and all things that go bump in the night. Bored with the same old tricks and treats, he yearns for something. Ranking all of Burton's films from goth to boss. After the hit success of Nightmare Before Christmas, there was plenty of excitement at the prospect of another stop motion feature from Burton.

Timothy Walter Burton (born Aug) is an American film director, producer, writer, and artist. He is best known for his gothic fantasy and horror films such as Beetlejuice (), Edward Scissorhands (), The Nightmare Before Christmas (), Ed Wood (), Sleepy Hollow (), Corpse Bride (), Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (), Dark Shadows. · The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of the most beloved stop motion films of all liu-1.rung up as both a Halloween and a Christmas movie.

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